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Wineart Wine Preservation System
Wineart Wine Preservation System
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Wineart Wine Preservation System

WineArt, the world’s first home wine bar, is a unique wine preservation and serving system.

This award winning product preserves opened wine for up to 10 days and keeps it at ideal drinking temperature – perfect for wine by the glass at home and no waste!

The effectiveness of WineArt has been scientifically proven by the Scientific Expertise Unit in Oenology of the Wine and Vine University Institute (Dijon, France).

  • Keep wine at ideal serving temperature so it’s ready to drink.
  • Enjoy a glass or two of wine when you don’t want to drink a whole bottle, then enjoy the rest over the next few days at your leisure.
  • Open more than one wine varietal at a time. Perfect if you enjoy a full bodied red and your partner enjoys a light bodied white.
  • Enjoy a ‘better bottle’ of wine that you wouldn’t normally open for fear of wastage.
  • Keep wine at ideal serving temperature for dinner parties. Prevent whites being served too cold from the fridge or reds served at incorrect room temperature (too cold in Winter or too warm in Summer).
  • The perfect accompaniment to a cellar or cabinet which is not conveniently located close to dining or entertaining spaces.
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Wineart Wine Preservation System (WINEARTBS)


Product Profile
  • Weight
    5.48 (kg)
  • Width
    24.5 (cm)
  • Height
    47.8 (cm)
  • Acoustic emissions
    38 (dB(A))
Product profile
  • Length
    24.8 (cm)
  • Operating ambient temperature
    18-30 (°C)


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  • Standard 5-10 day delivery is $14.95 per order
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